EDITED: Forever with you, Dara?

EDITED: Forever with you, Dara?

I saw him glance around the restaurant, as if looking for someone. Finally, after 30 seconds of standing there looking like a pabo , I finally pitied him and raised my hand in a wave. It was sooo funny! But the most memorable and perfect part of it was her, Jina. Her smile, the way she laughed. While me? I hate school. While she…I dunno, she found the balance I guess. Uh-oh, please look away.

8 Female Celebrities That Have Been Linked With G-Dragon

Bigbang and 2NE1 come from the same agency, YG Entertainment, is it possible that they may have been dating all this time? Their close relationship has been sniffed out by fans who have been tracking down all things that could be evidence of a romantic relationship. Soooo, what proof have they found? Do G-Dragon and Dara really date? Fashion items also seemed to cause quite a stir, but how hard is it to believe that two idols would have the same sense of fashion?

According to an official statement released by YG Entertainment, it was G-dragon who suggested to Sandara Park to have their images taken in controversial poses, as a joke.

bio dara 2ne1 dating Sandara Park, better known by her stage name Dara, claiming that Sandara Park, aka Dara of 2NE1, is dating G-Dragon of Big and Halston Sage September 1st Wednesday june

Another day, another dating rumour. We break it down. Credits: WonderBangLove. Although they had met each other at a photoshoot back in early , rumours of G-dragon and Japanese model Nana Kotmatsu only surfaced in May that year after his private Instagram was hacked, and photos of Nana and GD hanging out were leaked.

Photos: Instiz, Ready Made Is. Mostly based off Instagram activity and social media similarities, the Taeyeon x G-Dragon shipping has to be the most unrealistic of the lot sorry TaeGon shippers! Another far-fetched rumour that was quickly quelled, the Sulli and G-Dragon pairing started this year after fans spotted the two sporting similar jewellery and riding in first-class seats on the same airline. While Goo Hara quickly denied all rumours, we imagine their next interaction might have been a tad awkward….

Rumours first started circulating when a video of them using the Kwai app was accidentally posted up online — which led to netizens digging through and analysing similar social media posts, showing that GD and Jooyeon were indeed hanging out quite frequently at different locations. Last but certainly not least, the Daragon ship is definitely the longest sailing one — since to be exact, even before Dara became a trainee at YGE.

Which of these ships are your favourite? Share the love in our comment section! Nana Komatsu Although they had met each other at a photoshoot back in early , rumours of G-dragon and Japanese model Nana Kotmatsu only surfaced in May that year after his private Instagram was hacked, and photos of Nana and GD hanging out were leaked. Sandara Last but certainly not least, the Daragon ship is definitely the longest sailing one — since to be exact, even before Dara became a trainee at YGE.

Sandara Park

By xHanaParkx , September 24, in shippers’ paradise. Dara was born in Busan, South Korea on November 12nd, They have a 6 year age difference. In , when Dara was 10 years old, Dara’s family moved to the Philippines after her father’s business closed down due to financial difficulties and start a trading business in there.

The dating rumor between G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara first stormed the In late December , Kiko Mizuhara was interviewed by Sankei Kiko Mizuhara were spotted having a date in an amusement park, in July

MC : Huwah yoeroboen.. GD kamu terkenal dengan keromantisanmu apakah kamu melakukan semua hal romantis pada nona dara ini? Jiyong: emm.. Jika aku pikirkan lagi bukan aku yang melakukan hal romantis ini tapi dara sendiri hahah tertawa malu walaupun terkadang hal romantis itu berubah menjadi bencana. Tapi setiap tindakan yang dia lakukan selalu berasal dari hatinya itu yang membuatku yakin jika dia memang seseorang yang spesial bagiku menoleh pada dara dan tersenyum manis.

Jiyong : berusaha menjawab dengan wajah manisnya walaupun sangat susah mengatakannya te.. MC : yeorobeon..

Old Flame: Learn More About G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara’s Relationship! Why Did They Break Up?

It seems like the gang all went out to do morning exercise at AM! Morning Exercise. Healthy mind.

and asked if she is dating someone – as the agency has a strict no-dating rule. She cameoed in the popular K-Drama Producer with Sandara Park and IU. Jennie signed as a trainee with YG Entertainment in August of gained some fan base with her appearance in G-Dragon’s music video, “That XX”.

This latest dating reveal via Dispatch photo evidence hardly merits a yawn much less shock since apparently K-ent and the fandom of Big Bang already knew that member G-Dragon Kwon Ji Yong was dating Japanese-Korean model Mizuhara Kiko. The dating rumors between these two have been around since with plenty of coincidental photo evidence over the years but neither have openly admitted it nor has the press published anything directly about it until now.

I like G-Dragon as a musician and could care less about his personal life dating choice, but I did find this batch of Dispatch pictures worth posting about because of how clear all the pictures are. Either the photographer was a few feet away like a stealth ninja or the couple wanted to go public. This couple looks cute simply because they appear to really enjoy each others company in a low-key comfortable way.

Had you not mentioned it koala I would have thought that these are on set photos of them filming an mv or a drama even. Either they truly wanted to go public and was in part putting up a show for this pictures to be this clear or Dispatch employs secret agents for their reporters. Anyway, they look so tiny and adorable together! Anyone care to explain about her being a right-wing? It means shew ants Korea under Japanese rule???

There are pictures of her out showing her with the Japanese Rising Sun Flag and visiting the Yasukuni shrine. Visiting that shrine was taken as an offence as they commemorate those who died for Japan and the Emperor there. The K-netz were offended esp.

DARAGON: Reel or Real? Here’s What We Think!

G-Dragon used the black iPhone, whereas Kiko used the white one. However, the rumor was quickly shut down by the representative staff of YG Entertainment, who stated that G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara are only good friends. Little did the public know that the dating rumor between G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara will be a long episode unraveling in the next three years. So, keep reading! After their dating rumor was originally denied, G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara were spotted having a date in an amusement park, in July In addition, the amusement park date photo was marked as the first public photo of G-Dragon and Kiko together.

They were just joking? On January 8, G-Dragon and Sandara Park were spotted leaving BIGBANG concert in Seoul together. The leader of.

With a good track record in the Philippines with dramas and movies, on August 1, his family decided to return to South Korea, and then Sandara park announced she had signed a contract with YG Entertainment to joining to 2ne1, one of the best known kpop groups worldwide. Park has made it public that she has been single for some time now. She jokingly said she thought she would be photographed if she dated. The fact that her last date was always in a car and even could not eat together with him.

The 2NI1 star alway want to keep her relationships secret. However she is rumored to be dating Kim Soo Hyun. I thought that I would get photographed if I dated.

The True G-Dragon’s EX-Girlfriend And Current Rumoured Girlfriend

In , Park released her first EP , Sandara , which sold over , physical copies, making it the only album by a South Korean artist to be certified platinum by the Philippine Association of the Record Industry. In , Park debuted as a member of 2NE1 with the single ” Fire “, which immediately catapulted the group to fame. Ian , for which she won Best Actress at a Korean web festival. Park’s family moved to Daegu in However, Park’s father was unable to make ends meet, and the family moved to the Philippines in hopes of rebuilding his career in

2NE1′s Sandara Park spoke about same agency Big Bang member, Taeyang, on “Strong Heart” and their relationship on November 2nd.

This essay is not to confirm that they are together. This is just my observation. I am not a psychology major but I enjoy analyzing psychological patterns. I think I am a really a keen observer of body language, manners, hidden messages, reverse psychology and gazes wise. I am actually planning in getting some Psycho units but Nah… Anyways enough about me.

I check-listed some of my observation about the couple and these stuff I wrote are something you can judge by yourself. In Hangul Korean form of writing letters or words are written in syllabic way. Names in Korean are usually 2-syllables only since it came from the Chinese form of naming. Also, the wounds Dara has with all the rumors circulated in the PH. As a fan, I was really angered by those rumors. I stopped watching news because of those. Small gestures? But… he might have alternated the story to protect that someone… only Ji knows.

That girl mysteriously goes M.

Sandara Park Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

October 20, at pm Leave a comment. Fell free to fill-up the others section and if it one percent I will add it up in the choices! Note: This poll will run for three years Take Our Poll. On the 13th October episode of Strong Heart, the 2NE1 members revealed to everyone about this special dating agreement and they even made a plea to reduce it to 3 years instead. But their concentration levels towards their music and dance choreography has really surprised me all this while.

So because of that, I will shorten the dating rule for the older members of 2NE1 Dara, Bom to three years instead.

Big Bang’s G-Dragon is definitely one of the most famous Korean celebrities. The issue broke out in and the duo have had dating gossips being spread things escalated after G-Dragon and Sulli went to an amusement park with her​.

Check out the song ‘ Itsu Datte Kimi Ni ‘. Posted on October 2, by sookyeong. So does Sookyeong. This 2 look incredibly good together, because they are both quirky and they both look way younger than their age. We hate some persons because we do not know them; and will not know them because we hate them. Haters get a life. Get the hell out of here. Instead of blabbing here and there…and throwing stupid issues to the Family.

Dara in 2NE1? Yeah, CL, Bom and Minji can work it.


This rumor has been going on for years already! Fans are still not giving up for this ship to sail since the two are still single! And since we are fangirls, I decided to re-read some articles and find evidences to prove if Daragon is real!

Sandara Park, famously known as Dara, is a South Korean actress, singer, and TV host. Philippines K-pop Convention ( & ): Dara received the “​Hottest She is also rumored to be dating rapper G-Dragon as they were spotted at.

Posted by: justyourordinarywriter on: May 30, I read a comment in this article: G-dragon is dating someone? Analyze the lyrics. Judge it. Dermatologists already announced it, right? Netizens even suspected her as a vampire, right?

Sandara Park and G Dragon you will not believe what their current relationship is

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